Sliding gate operator for commercial and industrial use for gates up to 3500KG.

Key Features

  • Ideal for large industrial gates with intensive use
  • Self breaking motor guarantees reduced stop spaces and keeps the system mechanically locked when the motor is not in operation
  • In the event of a power cut, the lever-operated release device makes it possible to open and close the gate manually
  • Twin-disk clutch in oil-bath
  • Base with levelling screws
  • Steel housing protected by cataphoresis treatment and polyester paint
Power Supply 400V 3-Phase
Power Consumption850W
Max Gate Weight 3500KG
Max Speed10m/min
Use Frequency50% (over 2000KG) 100% (up to 2000KG)
Special ConsiderationsControl board requires CAT3 safety edges to be used. Steel rack required