FAAC J355 M30 Bollard Series

The AUTOMATIC FAAC J355 HA M30-P1 bollard is designed and tested to protect sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, consulates, banks, ports, etc.

The FAAC J355 HA M30-P1 Bollard has been tested according to “ASTM F 2656-07″ Standards obtaining the certification for the best possible penetration class.

Classification M30-P1 indicates in fact that the bollard FAAC J355 is able to stop a 6,800 kg truck traveling at 50Km/h (=30M/h) with just 1 metre of total penetration (P1).

  • Tested according to the American standard ASTM F 2656-07.
  • Capable of stopping a 6,800 Kg truck traveling at 50 km/h in single unit installations
  • Guaranteed for a high use frequency
  • Also available in EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) version for very rapid rising.
DriveBy Hydraulic unit
Cylinder stroke 1000mm
Cylinder diameter 355mm
Cylinder steel sheet thickness 16mm
Cylinder material S355JR EN10210
Rising time About 6 secs
Descent time About 2 secs