FAAC Photocells

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FAAC photocell safety sensors (XP20 & XP30)


  • The new XP20 photocells, both wall-mounted and column-mounted.
  • Allow the mechanical reduction of the beam along the horizontal axis of 180° (-90° +90°)
  • Feature a vertical optical self-alignment function which is particularly useful when the area to protect is not entirely flat
  • Extremely compact size: 41 x 130 x 42 mm.
  • Possibility of cable inlet both from the rear and from the underside of the casing (16 mm) and of column mounting.



  • A range of 30 metres, and a depth of 21 millimetres.
  • Extremely compact.
  • A 55 × 78 mm surface with such a limited projection as to keep them safe from passing vehicles.
  • Compact, solid, slim: XP30 models blend into all architectural contexts, from the most classic to the most minimal.
  • XP30 stainless steel models are all-metal, covered in satin-finished steel, the only ones available on the market.
  • Mould seal on front cover and closed-cell seal in the cable routing area.
  • All XP30 versions ensure maximum protection from insects and weather, including the most extreme conditions.



BUS, Relay, Wireless


XP 20, XP 30, XP 30 – Stainless Steel