Note: the SAFEcoder is compatible with the E045, EO45S, E145S, EO24S, E124.

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  • SAFEcoder for 230V installations.

Key features:

Rapid obstacle detection assists compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Directly fitted on the bracket (FAAC patent)

Easy to retrofit on existing installations

Very high detection accuracy (automatic or manual) of the end of travel and deceleration points

Possible to configure the system without physical stops

Product details:

Safecoder is an absolute encoder directly connected on the Bus 2Easy input

It can be retrofitted onto existing 230V installations for additional safety when using the E145 control board


SAFEcoder BUS magnetic absolute encoder, SAFEcoder for operator 412, Encoder unit for 770N

Power supply voltage
Protection class

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