Small devices, outstanding technology

Innovation and design come together in the XKP W 868 and XKP B keypads. Up to 255 user codes for automatic doors, gates, barriers, etc.

Functional design

The keypads are activated when an alphanumeric combination is entered and it is possible to select one of two operating modes.
• EASY: each user code is associated with only one command.
• ADVANCED: each user code activates one, several, or all available commands.

Quality materials

All models are made from high quality materials: painted aluminium base, stainless steel keypad cover and surface with blue LED backlighting. The robust keypads can be used even in the most adverse weather conditions: they are resistant to rain, snow and humidity and can be used without having to take off your gloves

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • XKP B: Easy connection with BUS 2EASY
  • XKP W: Wireless with patented FAAC SLH Technology

Further benefits of the XKP W 868 wireless keypad:

  • Time efficient – reduced labour time by doing away with fitting fiddly connections and cable runs
  • Reduced costs –no requirement to make good after tracing cable runs, just affix the keypad where suitable with no mess
  • Environmentally friendly – going wireless reduces the materials required to make a keypad operational
  • Cost efficient – in some cases the keypad will pay for itself by the efficiencies mentioned above
  • Visually striking – elegant low profile design and dayglow numbered buttons
  • Battery – 2 years life and readily available replacement batteries (CR2450)
  • Superb read range – Up to 50m
  • Utilises FAAC SLH technology – seamlessly add to new or existing installs with FAAC SLH technology