GENIUS G-Bat 230V / 24V

• Available versions: 230V and 24V
• The 24V model is standard equipped with ENV function (Virtual
Encoder) –
• Leaves up to 3 m (230V and 24V) and 4 m (only 230V)
• G-WAY system in 24V version (with Brain 15 Control Board)or in
230 V version (with Brain 17 Control Board)
PRO-CODER Safety System (with Brain 17 Control Board)
• Easy release through a user friendly lever
• Sturdy inner kinematic mechanism made of a bronze crown and
steel worm-screw
• Opening and closing slow down available in both versions
• Possibility of adding a rod cover housing.

G Bat 300/400G Bat 324 ENV
Power Supply (V) 230230
Electric Motor (V)23024
Nominal Power (W)28035
Current (A)1.2
Thermal Protection (C)140