Videx GSM Intercoms

GSM Door Entry systems are one of the latest developments from Videx, employing mobile phone technology to operate automatic gates, doors and remote site installations. Based on the 4000 Series entry panel design, the GSM amplifier is totally self contained and only requires an external power supply, antenna and standard size SIM card (not supplied by Videx).
The system retains all the facilities of the 4000 Series which can include multiple doors, coded access and proximity access.

The new 4000 Series GSM modules include a proximity reader within the module itself, the reader may be used by presenting a fob to the module name window and has a capacity of 1000 fobs / cards (up to 2000 on the digital panel). Programming of fobs may be carried out using PC software or by text message.

Available from a single button up to a 50 button system or a digital door panel which will call up to 500 apartments, all can have up to 1000 dial to open numbers (up to 2000 on the digital panel), this allows a user or users to call the entry panel and activate the lock output relay at no charge to the caller.

Both the functional and digital GSM units can be programmed with 4 telephone numbers per button, allowing the system to divert a call if a numberis busy or not answered. Push to exit and auxiliary inputs / outputs along with dry contact timed lock output relay are standard.