Videx is a leading manufacturer of door entry and access control products with 30 years of success

Founded in 1986, VIDEX designs and manufactures video/audio door entry systems and access controls, standing among the leading companies in the field worldwide.

The variety of the range, quality, service, and the continuity of a purely “Made in Italy” brand have been key factors for VIDEX Success through its 30 years history.

VIDEX exports 95% of the production to more than 45 countries all over the world, offering different solutions ranging from one or two way systems to complex systems with thousands apartments.

VIDEX manufacturing uses exclusively top quality components and collaborates with top-tier selected Italian Companies in order to guarantee the highest quality standards to its customers along with an accurate production process control.

VIDEX is UNI ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

VIDEX is socially and environmentally responsible, indeed the company produces clean energy and employs it to carry out its operations: two solar panel systems, accounting for 200Kw power, entirely fulfil its needs. Solar panels have been installed on the plant roof ensuring zero environmental impact.

Videx Boxes

Videx Intercom Range


Videx IP Intercoms

The new IP intercoms are ideal for a wide range of installations including office blocks, apartment complexes, hospitals and commercial buildings enabling the door entry system to utilise existing networks saving both cost and installation time.

The Videx IP system is available as a convenient kit and as an expandable system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building. 12 gauge, 316 grade stainless steel vandal resistant entrance panels are available along with the popular 4000 Series modular style, all with a wide angle colour camera and with 1 call button up to a maximum of 42 call buttons and an input for an optional second camera.

The kits includes a wall mount 6200 series videophone and the entrance panel which is available in standard or vandal resistant form with surface or flush mounting options. The videophone includes a touch screen 3.5” colour display enabling the end user to customise a range of settings as well as initiate calls to entrance points, neighbours and internally to other extensions with the facility to have up to 16 videophones in each apartment or office. An event log can also be viewed on the videophone with a video capture feature to see missed callers. The kit also includes a 1.25A 12Vdc power supply which can be used to power the entrance panel, a lock release and the videophone if required. The videophone can also be powered via POE from a POE switch.

The beauty of IP systems over conventional systems is that IP systems don’t need dedicated wiring infrastructure and can be used on new or existing networks. These networks can be shared with other technologies such as CCTV, access control, building management and many others.

Bespoke panel sizes are also available upon request. Available with engraved legend or back lit name plate windows and incorporate call progress LED’s to assist a caller. Entrance panels and videophones all have two relay outputs, two inputs and RS485 connectivity which can be used for a variety of functions such as door/gate release and activation of auxiliary functions.

IP systems are generally very flexible and can allow for connections over an unlimited distance while utilising existing LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G infrastructures using the Videx iOS & Android apps. Installers are now very familiar with IP technologies allowing them to use existing knowledge and experience gained while installing other security systems such as access control and CCTV. IP systems offer greater flexibility to the installer, making it very simple to expand and alter a system as the need arises.

Videx Audio Intercoms

Our ever expanding range of audio kits is due to our policy of continued product improvement and new product development.

All Videx 4000, 8000 and VR120 Series audio kits are available from 1 button through to 12 buttons (higher upon request), and either flush or surface mounted.  Kit options include integral codelock (allowing users to open the door by entering their access code), Proximity reader (where the user can open the door by presenting their proximity fob/card to the reader).

4000 and 8000 Series kits are available in various different finishes.

Videx Video Intercoms

Our ever expanding range of video kits is due to our policy of continued product improvement and new product development. Videx video kits are not only identified by their modern design, but most now also incorporate the latest microprocessor technology used in larger systems. The same technology has also been incorporated in the design of the 4000 and 8000 Series range of door panels.

All Videx 4000 and 8000 Series video kits now offer an extended range of functions which include, intercommunication facility (between video intercoms in the same apartment or among those in different apartments), timed privacy with an LED indication, door montioring, visual and audio indications to confirm system operation, inputs for “push to exit”, options for multiple entrances (up to 4) and the use of a six wire common bus for both 1 and 2 way systems.

All kits in the 4000 and 8000 range are also available with an integral codelock (allowing users to open the door by entering their access code). A proximity key reader option is also available for the 4000 Series range (where the user can open the door by presenting their proximity fob/card to the reader).

All video kits are colour, flush or suface mounted are are available in various finishes.

Videx GSM Intercoms

GSM Door Entry systems are one of the latest developments from Videx, employing mobile phone technology to operate automatic gates, doors and remote site installations. Based on the 4000 Series entry panel design, the GSM amplifier is totally self contained and only requires an external power supply, antenna and standard size SIM card (not supplied by Videx).

The system retains all the facilities of the 4000 Series which can include multiple doors, coded access and proximity access.

The new 4000 Series GSM modules include a proximity reader within the module itself, the reader may be used by presenting a fob to the module name window and has a capacity of 1000 fobs / cards (up to 2000 on the digital panel). Programming of fobs may be carried out using PC software or by text message.

Available from a single button up to a 50 button system or a digital door panel which will call up to 500 apartments, all can have up to 1000 dial to open numbers (up to 2000 on the digital panel), this allows a user or users to call the entry panel and activate the lock output relay at no charge to the caller.

Both the functional and digital GSM units can be programmed with 4 telephone numbers per button, allowing the system to divert a call if a numberis busy or not answered. Push to exit and auxiliary inputs / outputs along with dry contact timed lock output relay are standard.